Jamones Moreno is the work result of a family , which after an extensive experience in the meat producing high-quality hams and shoulder hams, offers one of the most representative fofos in the Spanish gastronomy.

José Vicente Moreno Copete, founder Jamones Moreno S.L. in 1970.


Vicente Moreno Blesa, Director of the company.



Jamones Moreno, a brand that moves with the times.

Our origins

It began his career in 1970, being its founder Jose Vicente Moreno Copete. From his origins, it stood out for being pioneer in the technique of boning serrano ham in the Comunidad Valenciana. Together with this , its fighter and enterprising spirit led him to the creation of the first ham drying place in the town of Cheste, where the complete process of ham curing took place, that is, from salting to commercializing the cured product, both in whole pieces and in boned ones .
It was 1985 whenthe company settled in its current facilities, located in the town of Quart de Poblet. The strategic location , next to the highway A-3, but surrounded by a rural environment , as well as its large facilities , enabled the introduction of new technologies in those stage of the process that don’t affect its traditional treatment , thus guaranteeing the taste and smell that characterize its hams .

Jamones Moreno at present

At present, Jamones Moreno is a consolidated company in the market with traditional features and future plans. It is always developing and successfully growing up thanks to a work that is based on the production of high-quality food, on responsibility , effort, maximal respect for the customer and on the refined care of the relationship with their customers.

 In the last years , with the propulsion of the second generation , Jamones Moreno takes a leap outside the Spanish market and it gets  into several European markets, such as the French and Belgian ones.

We are proud of producing one of the healthiest foods , with a leading role in Spanish life and more every day in the rest of the world .

Our goal is to achieve a growth both in the nacional market and the international one, with the help of a good relationship and coordination with our customers, not forgetting about the commitment , truthfulness and transparency that has characterized our role in the market for the last 40 years of work.